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French L to R Light Infantry Drummer Voltigeur of the Paris Guard

French L to R Light Infantry Drummer Voltigeur of the Paris Guard


French; L to R Light Infantry Drummer, Voltigeur of the Paris Guard, Drum Major of Line Infantry in Petite Tenue, Veteran and Fusilier of the Departmental ...

French; 16th Light Infantry, Drummer & Voltigeur in Spain

French; 1st Light Infantry, Carabiner, Chasseur & Voltigeur in Spain 1808-14

French; 1st Light Infantry, Voltigeur & Carabiner in Spain by H.Boisselier

French; Light Infantry, Sapper & Voltigeur Corporal in Spain

French; 17th Light Infantry, Chasseur Drummer & Voltigeur Cornet, Grande Tenue, 1808

2nd Light Infantry Regt of March, Voltigeur Officer in Capote and Musician, 1830(invasion of Algiers) by H.Boisselier.

French; 2nd Regt Paris Municipal Guard 1803-08. L to R Chasseur Voltigeur Corporal 1804 , Grenadier Officer, Grenadier, Drum-Major 1806-07 & Fusilier ...

French; 8th Light Infantry, Grenadier Drummer & Grenadier Fifer Corporal, 1809 Army Uniform

French; 17th Light Infantry, Voltigeur Segeant-Major & Voltigeur Cornet, 1805 War

French; 17th Light Infantry, Chasseur Drummer & Musician

French; 14th Light Infantry, Chasseur Drummer & Chasseur Officer, Grande Tenue, on

French; 7th Light Infantry, Voltigeur Cornet, 1809

French light infantry, picture by Funcken

Light infantry; French Army in Algeria. Artist: Unknown - Stock Image

French line infantry of Revolutionary Wars.

Bonaparte in Italy, picture by Job

The two figures here represent French voltigeur of a light infantry regiment in Africa and a

A French Line Infantry grenadier (left) and voltigeur (right) c. 1808, by Hippolyte Bellangé.

Chasseurs of Infanterie Légère 1806.

Captain of French 94th Line Infantry 1810-1812

French light infantry uniform of a Chasseur-Voltigeur des troupes legeres, Napoleonic era.

French soldiers: Voltigeur (Africa), Chasseur, Infantry, Zouave, Cuirassier,

French Infantry : Uniforms : Organization : Weapons : Infanterie française.

Uniforms of infantry of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. Officer, drummer, and private

Light Infantry, Standard-Bearer - 1830-33 - Denis Auguste Marie Raffet French

'Chasseurs A Pied', mid-late 19th century. Soldiers in the uniform '

Charge of the French Cuirassiers at Friedland (1807) – by Ernest Meissonier

French infantry and captured flags, Museum of the Army in Paris

... 47.

An illustration of the French 1st Light Infantry Regiment breaking at the Battle of Maida.

... 41.

'Up Guards and at'em': Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815:

General von Ziethen's Prussian cavalry attacking the French right wing at the climax of the Battle


French infantry : fusilier, grenadier and voltigeur (L to R)

French 4th Hussar at the Battle of Friedland

New: Napoleonic French Marines of the Guard + Command

NAPOLEONIC UNIFORMS VOLUME 1 John R Elting The Napoleonic era is one of the most studied ...

Fusilier-Grenadiers and Fusilier-Chasseurs of the Middle Guard, 1806–1814.

Tirailleur of the 1e Regiment Tirailleurs, Young Guard 1811.

... Siege of Ancone; 45.

The figures represented here date to between 1834-1864 are, from left to right

French; National Guard of 1st & 15th Divisions , mobilised between 1808 & 1815 for the War inn Spain. L to R Grenadier, Chasseur, Officer & Grenadier's ...

Sub officer-bearer of 2nd Guard Regiment. Officer 4th Regiment of the Queen Augusta.

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Attack of the 52nd Light Infantry on the Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo on

Horse Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard at the Battle of Preussisch Eylau 8 February 1807

Grognard of the Old Guard in 1813

Infantry ...

French illustration circa 1870 of The Zouaves, light infantry regiments of the French Army serving

Bugle Grenadier of Brandenburg. Drum Major or Field Commander of the Regiment of the Foot grenadiers, 2nd. Guard Regiment. Drummer.

71st Highland Light Infantry firing the last shot of the Battle of Waterloo at 7pm on

French infantry at Smolensk, 1812

New: Napoleonic French Chasseurs a Pied of the Imperial Guard

Croatian troops.

A sabre for mounted staff officers, of the French Light Infantry Foot Guards Blade à

French pioneer during the Napoleonic Wars

... 39. de ...

Polish line infantry open fire. Picture by Giuseppe Rava

LINE INFANTRY 1800-1808.Left to right: voltigeur,fusilier,grenadier. 1808-1812. Fusilier, grenadier, voltigeur.

French infantry looting in Prussia.

Napoleonic Military Paintings/Sketches/Uniform Plates - page 4 - Historical Discussion - Flying Squirrel Entertainment

DWR Drums platoon lead the Regiment to Erquinghem Lys Town Hall to receive the Keys to The town.

Officers of Infanterie Légère, 1803–1815.

La Grande Armee Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss La Grande Armee At

Grognard_Admiral,nice works by Alehin and Letin!) Some french light infantry 1805-1812

Light-Infantry Soldiers, Camp de Châlons - 1857 - Gustave Le Gray French,

Emperor Napoleon and French infantry with captured Allies Colors.

Wellington's Infantry 1

MI-600 - Band of the Life Guards Set (5 figures) - Britains

Grognard_Admiral,nice works by Alehin and Letin!) Some french light infantry 1805-1812

Colour party of the 9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry after receiving new colours from King Edward VII, 19 June 1909.

Napoleon aand infantry

The austrian infantry were organized in regiments.Each regiment had 3 battalions and a grenadier 'division'[not to be confused with modern division] ...

French soldier mounts guard on the occsion of a public drill, Lyon, France -

15mm France: Imperial Guard Grenardiers of the Old Guard Waterloo 1815

French; National Guard Rurale de Landes, Chasseur Voltigeur, Fusilier Sergeant & Drummer,

Le Chasseur de la Garde (Chasseur of the guard, often mistranslated as The Charging Chasseur), 1812 by Géricault.

52nd Light Infantry capturing a French artillery battery at the Battle of Waterloo on 18th June

Pierre Barrois

New York National Guard Soldiers of the 27th Divison's 106th Infantry regiment's cannon platoon training with

Focus: Plastic French Cavalry Single frames

Grenadier of the Line, c. 1812.

Tin soldier, Semi-Collectile, Russian Drummer № 1, Preobrazhensky Regiment, 54mm

French; National Guard, grenadiers du Nord, Officer & Grenadier, Cent Jours,

Polish Fusiliers: left - in sumer dress, right - in winter dress. Picture Voltigeur ...

18. Line Infantry ...

New: Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery 12-pdr

Light infantry ambush, from Souvenirs d'Italie: Expédition de Rome - 1858 -

French Légère Drummer